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Scandinavians try to mediate between Trump
and Media - by letting them beat each other up

After a year of looking on with increasing worry, Scandinavians try to solve the conflict between Donald Trump and the mainstream media at the anniversary of the Trump presidency. Since tweeting on phones started the whole mess, phones is suggested as the solution.

American politicians, journalists and pundits today received a letter from concerned Scandinavians. The letter comes on the anniversary of the Trump presidency and is a plea for less verbal and written fighting - and more virtual fighting.

- To us it sometimes looks like American politics is one big fight. So we got an idea - why not give you the chance to actually fight it out? You are already using your phones to send aggressive tweets at each other - now is your chance to actually fight each other on the phone, says the statement.

An open invitation
With the letter comes an invitation to try the mobile game Swipe Fighter Heroes, which lets Pro-Trump and Pro-Liberal Media users play as either Donald Trump or CNN News Anchor Anderson Cooper, who have famously been at odds.

In this way both supporters of Trump and Cooper get the chance to relieve some of their negativity towards either Donald Trump or the media. And the supporters can even see, who is winning, since the results of the fight will be shared and updated continuously to show, whether Trump or Cooper is winning the fight.

Signature moves In the game Anderson Cooper and Donald Trump can square off and perform their own signature fighting moves. For example Donald Trump can attack with tweets, while Anderson Cooper uses his microphone in aggressive ways.

The game already has a large player base. Before the global launch of the game, it has already been played by more than 500.000 players.

Bonus info Members of the Donald Trump cabinet have received an invitation - whether they choose to fight for their President or maybe give him a punch or two is up to them. And the same of course goes for CNN staffers and journalists.

Both Donald Trump and Anderson Cooper have also been sent the open letter and an invitation.

Read the open letter
[Attached as text + neutral landing page]

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About Swipe Fighter Heroes
Swipe Fighter Heroes is a gesture fighting game where you can challenge other players to do battle with your fingertips.

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